Accepted Vector Formats:. editable eps .ai .cdr .pdf (all text converted to outlines)
Unacceptable Formats: .doc .ppt low res. jpegs

When placing an order, submitting the artwork can be confusing. We're here to help. The most common challenge is that often times our customers cannot open artwork files. This is because the best quality artwork is vector art and can only be viewed with special software.

There are two types of artwork: vector art, and bitmap art. Vector art is the better of the two, providing the highest quality imprint. It can be scaled to fit on a billboard or fit on a key chain without losing any quality. Vector art will usually have one of these extensions after the file name: .eps , .ai (example: One thing to remember when working with vector art is that all fonts must be converted to outlines. This means that text must be converted from a typed font, to shapes. By doing this you ensure that the text in the artwork maintains its integrity and imprints in the exact style intended.

Bitmap art is only accepted if vectors artwork is not available. Artwork can only be in a .jpg or .tif (example: logo.tif). The quality of bitmap art is measured in DPI (dots per inch). In order to imprint bitmap art it must be in black and white, also at least 300 DPI. Bitmap art cannot be scaled up only scaled down, so artwork must be at least 100% of the imprint area or size you wish to imprint. No gradation artwork is accepted. Bitmap art is usually a large file consisting of multiple megabytes. Artwork taken from the Internet is generally 72 DPI bitmap art, therefore logos from company websites cannot be imprinted.

Please note that there may be an art charge if all you have is bitmap art and the quality is poor.

There is one file type that can be either vector art or bitmap a PDF file (example: logo.pdf). PDF files can be viewed by anyone with Adobe Acrobat software. If you zoom in PDF artwork 1000% in Acrobat, you can quickly tell if the art it vector or bitmap. Pixilated, hard to see art is bitmap, while crisp and clean images are vector.

If colorfil or pad printing is needed please provide PMS color number for us to reference. Are expert color specialists makes every attempt to be as close as possible to the PMS color.

Please send artwork to our email address, which can be found through ASI, PPAI, or Sage.


LA  Design's  art department can create custom renderings in 24 hours or less. Unlike most other suppliers, LA Design has their own in house graphic designer specifically for generating custom product renderings. As a result, customers do not have to use specialized software that produces poor quality rendering over the web. Our renderings are made to look as much like the final product as possible.

While our renderings are made to look as genuine as possible, a rendering is not a substitute for a product proof. Renderings are a good way to get an idea of what the final product will look like without the time constraints of a product proof. We encourage paper proofs and design them to be the exact size and shape of the finished product.


A paper proof will show the exact size of the imprint and layout. It will not show what the actual imprinting method looks like. Written or emailed approval of the paper proof is required before product proof can proceed.


We always do a pre-production product proof prior to the full run on all orders. This provides the opportunity for your customer to see the final product before the entire order is run. The charge for this is included in your tooling cost. There will be an additional charge.